VANSH BOTTLE 180ML x 24 pcs/ctn

Rp. 183,000
Last Updated
27 May 2022
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1 Karton

Specification of VANSH BOTTLE 180ML x 24 pcs/ctn

VANISH (remove stains) that serves as a cleaning Liquid can menghilanghkan all kinds of stains, including; food stains, mud stains, ink stains, blood stains, stains a yellowish stain due to cosmetics, the wearing of perfume or deodorant stains, ink stains, engine oil, paint stains, etc.

Up date 17/03/2020

Call stock and price update

Various availableGai variants:

 VANSH BOTTLE 180ML  180 ML               24 Rp      182,347 Rp           7,598
 VANSH BOTLE 500ML  500 ML               12 Rp      232,393 Rp         19,366
 VANSH BOTLE 1 LT  1000 ML               12 Rp      421,750 Rp         35,146
 VANSH POUCH 150ML  150 ML                24 Rp      138,920 Rp           5,788
 VANSH POUCH 450ML  450 ML               12 Rp      202,441 Rp         16,870
 VANIS 120 GR POUCH  120 GM               24 Rp      379,504 Rp         15,813
 VANSH POWDER  400g  400 GM               12 Rp      569,255 Rp         47,438
 VANSH POWDER  800g  800 GM               12 Rp      327,244 Rp         27,270



* The conditions sTock call

* Delivery 1-2 days after the po (if the condition is ready stock)

* Free postage JABODETABEK area (with a minimum purchase)

* Serving delivery out of town/Jakarta/Export

* Prices yet tax

* Downpayment of 50% remaining COD (for Jakarta area)

* Warranty (New original Condition)

* Price and stock do not bind at any time is subject to change without

the giverinformed in advance

* Ordered goods cannot be cancelled/purchased



3 reasons why we invite cooperation in the procurement of goods/services.      

We are a company incorporated law (PT/limited liability company)

so our transactions with certain safe.


We have the Office address is clear and can be visited at any time.

Our prices are transparent and least expensive with no hidden costs.


Important Note:

Selling prices and product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.     


For the sake of maintaining a fixed selling price is cheap, it will be very difficult for our side

We always provide (ready stock) every product that we show on our website and

Our staff will be very happy to tell you the back if there is some product

that's not ready stock as well as the length of time of booking. We believe the only way

This is, we still can keep prices

By cici 21/01/2020

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