Vacuum Cleaners Heavy Duty brand Sibilia
Vacuum Cleaners Heavy Duty brand Sibilia
Vacuum Cleaners Heavy Duty brand Sibilia
Vacuum Cleaners Heavy Duty brand Sibilia
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24 Jul 2017
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Specification of Vacuum Cleaners Heavy Duty brand Sibilia

Ultrasonic Cleaner Vacuum Cleaners Heavy Duty Sibilia brand
Up date 07/01/2017
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There are various types as follows:
S5 / 20 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
B2A Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
AL202 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners \
S1000 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
S500 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
DSB2A Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
DS8000 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
DS5000 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
DS3000 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
DS1505 Air Heavy Duty Vacuum
The basic features are as follows:
S5 / 20 is the entry-level model of the High Vacuum S series. It is a high performance unit ensured by its roots blower pump equipped with cooling. S5 / 20 is equipped with a separator cyclone and a pocket filter with a filter shaker. These features make it the perfect model for medium-heavy industry.
Power kW 15
Current A 24
Electrical Feeding V-Hz 400 - 50
Max Airflow m³ / h 800
Max Vacuum mmH2O 7.000
Collecting Capacity lt 160
Main Filter cm² 27.000
Safety Filter cm² 17.400
Shaking System - Electrical
Suction Inlet mm 70
Dimensions mm 2040x870x1500
Weight kg 800
Ultrasonic Cleaner
3 Reasons why we invite cooperation in procurement of goods / services.
We are a company incorporated (PT / Limited Liability Company) so that transaction with us is guaranteed to be safe.
• We have a clear office address and can be visited anytime.
• Our prices are transparent and cheapest with no hidden costs.
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The Price and Product Specifications may change at any time without prior notice.
In order to keep the selling price low, it will be very difficult for our party to always provide (ready stock) every product that we display on our website and our employees will be very happy to re-inform if there are some products that are not ready stock and duration Time of booking. We believe only in this way, we can still keep the best and cheap selling price for our customers.
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