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Specification of High Pressure brand Oertzen

Ultrasonic Cleaner

High Pressure brand Oertzen

Update: 07/01/2017

There are various types as follows:

High Pressure E400

High Pressure E240

High Pressure S312 Hot Water

High Pressure 312 Profi

The basic features are as follows:

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner
3 cyl. Inline plunger pump 22 l / min
(Brass pump head, ceramic plungers)
Flanged to electric motor
Motor / pump rpm 1420 1 / min - slowly, quietly running machine
Pump system pressureless by closing spray pistol (stand by operation)
Thermo valve protects pump from overheating
Water shortage control protects pump from cavitation
Water micro filter protects pump from soiled water
Motor / pump unit protected by solid, surrounding steel frame (powder coated)
Chassis with 4 wheels on twin axle, locking brake
Hose swivel prevents hp hose from messing up

Standard equipment: single lance 800 mm (10.704.952) with HIP flat stream nozzle 2338 (10,742,338), flat stream nozzles 20/40/65 ° optional spray angle, high pressure security gun 500 bar 3/8 "(10704. 940) and swivel joint (10,708,054), PANZERJET high pressure safety hose NW 8, 10 m (10,702,064).

E 400 Ex - design for explosion endangered areas
E 400 VA SCS VE - stainless steel frame, Safety Control Stop, for operation with fully desalted water / sea water

Hot water module HOT BOX 500 (see accessories) turns E 400 into hot water cleaner.

Echnical characteristics
Flow rate max. 1320 l / h
Unloading pressure 405 bar
Working pressure max. 385 bar
Water temperature max. Cold water
Standard voltage 400 V / 3 ~ 50 Hz
Pump speed 1420 1 / min
Power source electric motor
Connecting power 16.6 kW
Engine / output motor -
Thermo valve standard
Safety Control Stop SCS option
Dimensions (frame: LxWxH) 800 x 600 x 745 mm
Weight 153 kg
Please notice technical data are subject to alterations

Ultrasonic Cleaner
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