Floor Brush NICE BRUSH (brush)

Rp. 165,000
Last Updated
27 Dec 2021
Minimum Order
1 Lusin

Specification of Floor Brush NICE BRUSH (brush)

Price list GOOD BRUSH (brush)

Call update prices and stocknya

Up date 27/8/2016

There are various types:


W-3354 Shoe (Oval/box) 24 Ls price per dusin Rp165, 000.00

W-20920 Floor Brush 12 Ls price per dusin Rp198, 726.00

W-20930 Brush 24 Ls Shirt price per dusin Rp150, 440.40

W-20931 Brush 24 Tiny SuitsLs price per dusin Rp185, 578.80

W-20940 Brush Coat Large Concave 10 Ls per dusin Rp351, 120.00

W-large Oval Slicker Brush 20941 10 Ls price per Rp332, dusin 640.00

W-20942 Natural Tag-Small Brush 24 Ls price per dusin Rp99, 000.00

W-Natural Brush 20943 Tag Medium 12 Ls price per dusin Rp123, 552.00

W-20944 Natural Brush With Handle 12 Ls price per Rp172 dusin, 656.00

W-20952 Natural Bag Small Brush 102 24 Ls price per dusin Rp109, 296.00

W-20953 Natural Bag Medium 103 12 Ls price per dusin Rp135, 432.00

Other call type



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 transfer payments dp 50% before sending the remaining cod when the goods receipt

 the prices do not include VAT 10%


Such a price quote we can provide, we wait for further information and for the cooperation we convey thanks.

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For the sake of maintaining a fixed selling price is cheap, it will be very difficult for our party to always provide (ready stock) every product that we show on our website and our staff will be very happy to tell you the back if there are some products that are not ready stock as well as the length of time of booking. We believe this is the only way, we can still keep the selling price of the best and cheap for

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